The seed for Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours was planted in 2002 when Jacqueline Orange moved to Harlem from Chicago and lived in a Bed & Breakfast for two weeks. When friends and family visited, they explored the different neighborhoods in search of food, culture and entertainment.

Every outing was a new experience for the senses – great food, fascinating culture, and great music. They discovered restaurants with ambiances ranging from white linen tablecloths and jacketed waiters, to finger licking, take-it-out in a paper bag styles. Jacqueline knew then that Harlem was something special and decided to stay for a year just to take it all in. Well, that was many years ago and she now calls Harlem home.

In 2008, Jacqueline co-founded ArtCrawl Harlem, Inc., a non-profit art gallery tour developed to showcase local galleries and their support for local artist. ArtCrawl Harlem has conducted many successful tour and has been featured on ABC, NBC, NY1, HGTV, and in the NY Times and Daily News.

Jacqueline believes that gaining an understanding of Harlem’s culture means much more than just eating. For this reason, your tour includes stops at educational, historical, architectural and artistic venues. She provides unique, reasonably priced and fun tours sure to place Harlem on your “must do” list whether or not you are a native New Yorker.